All current puppies are on hold






Please be aware that
the $500 deposit on
a puppy is









See bottom of page for more pricing and purchase policies.








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Nellie and Snicker's puppies arrived
on March 16!
They are wavy to very wavy fleece, large/mini to small/medium size.
They can go home in late May.

ALCA Registration #129-03162018-0240L


Nellie ............. Snickers



Chocoate boy, white toes on back paws, very wavy fleece.


Ruby and Obadiah had puppies on March 31st!
Large/mini to medium sized, wavy fleece
Apricot, apricot/creme, creme colored

They will go home at the end of May.

ALCA Registration #129-13312018-025-L



All of these puppies are wavy fleece.

Red boy with tiny white star and chin, white chest and toes.

Please be aware that the $500 deposit
on a puppy is non-refundable. It is applied to the purchase price.


*Cost is $2750 and includes dewclaw removal,
age-appropriate shots, spay/neuter, pedigree,
registration with ALCA, and a well-vet visit.

*Travel is is an extra cost, and charges include
travel certificate, crate, pads, dishes, and airline flight.
(That is an additional $500)

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Doggie Disclaimers and Puppy Policies:

- Price is $2,750, and includes the $500 non-refundable
... deposit which holds your puppy.

- We will make at most 4 early reservations per litter.
- A waiting list is started after the early reservation list
is full.
- Puppies are reserved in the order that people contact us.

- We will not receive deposits until we are certain the mom pregnant.

- Aspen Leaf reserves the option of retaining a puppy.
- Puppies are matched with families between 3 and 4 weeks
.... of age.

- We may decide to skip a breeding or a breeding may
.....not result in puppies being born.
- Aspen Leaf sells breeding puppies to approved and
.....established breeders only.