Puppies are here, with more on the way!

Please be aware that
a deposit on a puppy
is non-refundable.

See bottom of page for more pricing and purchase policies.


















Future 2017 litters:

She will have her final litter in Sept/Oct before retiring.

Bred with Wilson and puppies should arrive around the first
of June.

Just had a litter of pups on
April 14.










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Nellie and Flash just had 6 puppies,
1 black boy, 3 black girls, 1 chocolate boy and 1 creme girl.

Three are spoken for, 3 black pups
are still available, 1 boy 2 girls.
Please contact us if you're interested.


Nellie an............d Flash

ALCA Registration #129-04142017-021-L

April 14, 2017


Photos taken May 16, 2017

The boy below looks chocoate in this photo but is actually black.
He's sweet and loving.


This girl below is also black and very playful as you can see from
her expression.


This girl wouldn't stay still for photos, and kept giving kisses.

Molly has bred with Wilson, puppies
will arrive very early in June.
There are 2 spots available on
her early reservation list.

MollyBlue medium fleece


Please contact us soon about any available puppies or future litters.

Please be aware that a deposit
on a puppy is non-refundable.

*Cost is $2500 and includes dewclaw removal,
age-appropriate shots, spay/neuter, pedigree,
registration with ALCA, and a well-vet visit.
*Travel is additional and charges include
travel certificate, crate, pads, dishes, and airline flight.
(That is an additional $500)

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Doggie Disclaimers and Puppy Policies:

- Price is $2,500, and includes the $350 non-refundable
... deposit which holds your puppy.

- We will make at most 4 early reservations per litter.
- A waiting list is started after the early reservation list
is full.
- Puppies are reserved in the order that people contact us.

- We will not receive deposits until it's obvious that mom
.....is pregnant.

- Aspen Leaf reserves the option of retaining a puppy.
- Puppies are matched with families between 3 and 4 weeks
.... of age.

- We may decide to skip a breeding or a breeding may
.....not result in puppies being born.
- Aspen Leaf sells breeding puppies to approved and
.....established breeders only.